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As Hamas denies war crimes, Israel provides proof of it being a 'genocidal terrorist organisation' (WATCH)

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has released a video providing proof of Hamas' being 'a genocidal terrorist organisation' amid the ongoing conflict, which is in stark contrast to what former Hamas senior leader Husam Badran claims.

As Hamas denies war crimes, Israel provides proof of it being a 'genocidal terrorist organisation' (WATCH) snt
First Published Oct 13, 2023, 4:42 PM IST

Amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, the Israel Defence Forces on Friday released a video featuring former senior leader of Hamas, Husam Badran, attempting to refute accusations of war crimes by the organisation during the ongoing conflict. In a vehement denial, Badran claimed that such actions contradicted their Islamic values and the conduct of the Al-Qassam Brigades in the past. However, evidence shared by the IDF suggests a stark contrast to these claims, shedding light on the alleged war crimes committed by Hamas during the ongoing conflict.

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Hamas has been accused of carrying out a range of war crimes, including indiscriminate rocket attacks targeting Israeli civilian populations, using human shields, launching attacks from densely populated areas, and storing weapons in civilian infrastructure.

"I categorically deny all of these lies, which conflicts with our Islamic values and national morals, and also it doesn't fit in at all with the experience of the Al-Qassam Brigades confronting the occupation in the last decades," said Badran in a video shared on IDF's X account.

"he world from Al-Qassam chief of staff Muhammed Deif was clear from the first minutes of this operation to commit to our religion. Do not kill the elderly, children, the worshipper, or the one who does not fight you. But biased Western media as you know comes up with images that serve their narrative. There are tens of pictures and videos that show Al-Qassam videos looking good dealing with civilians, the elderly, the children and special needs cases. Rather, they left them in their places and protected them, although the fighting was ongoing amid intense," the former Hamas leader added in the video.

Despite his claims of adhering to Islamic values and respecting the lives of civilians, the evidence shared by Israel strongly suggests otherwise. Hamas has consistently fired rockets into Israel, targeting cities and civilian populations with little regard for the lives of innocent Israelis. Such attacks blatantly violate international law and have been widely condemned.

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According to Israel, Hamas has stored weapons and ammunition in schools, hospitals, and other civilian structures, putting these places in danger and exploiting the sanctity of such spaces for their military objectives.

"Hamas pathetically attempts to deny their war crimes. Here’s the evidence: Hamas is a genocidal terrorist organisation," wrote IDF in response to Husam Badran's denial.

The international community has consistently called for investigations into alleged war crimes by both sides of the conflict. These calls are aimed at holding those responsible for violations of international law accountable for their actions.

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