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Capturing tragedy in Gaza: Video of trembling hand calling for help amid Israel-Hamas war haunts the world

This article portrays the dire situation in Gaza amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, where a trembling hand reaching out from the rubble symbolizes the tragic circumstances faced by many in the conflict.

Capturing tragedy in Gaza: Video of trembling hand calling for help amid Israel-Hamas war haunts the world snt
First Published Oct 13, 2023, 12:56 PM IST

In the heart of the devastation in Gaza as the Israel-Hamas war rages on, a trembling hand emerges from the midst of the rubble, symbolizing the desperate plight faced by countless people who have lost their lives in the past week. A woman, trapped beneath a collapsed building, reaches out in frantic desperation, hoping for a chance at rescue. The eerie video of a her trembling hand has left the world in a state of shock, with several social media users stating shame on Hamas for making their own people go through this.

"People are attempting to rescue survivors from under the rubble with their own hands. Literally. No ambulances. No firefighters. No equipment. This woman kept moving her hand so someone would spot her. This is happening across Gaza," wrote Nour Odeh as she shared the haunting visuals.

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In Gaza, where the scarcity of ambulances and emergency personnel presents an ongoing challenge, conducting rescue operations becomes a formidable task. These grim circumstances in Gaza is a result of Israel's response to Hamas' unprovoked attack on Saturday. The airstrikes by Israel Defence Forces (IDF) were initiated in response to rocket attacks by the Palestinian terrorist group, which had targeted civilians near the border areas.

The situation is poised to deteriorate further, with the Israeli military issuing orders for a mass evacuation of a million Gazans, directing them to head southwards. Their rationale is the belief that Hamas operatives have taken refuge in tunnels beneath Gaza City, prompting warnings of significant military operations within the city in the imminent days.

In response to these unfolding developments, the United Nations has shifted its operations to southern Gaza. This relocation follows the organization's stern warning regarding the "devastating humanitarian consequences" that could materialize if a large-scale movement of people becomes necessary.

Gaza's precarious geographic location, sharing borders with Egypt to the south and Israel to the north and east, underscores its status as a pivotal focal point of the ongoing conflict, with its inhabitants tragically caught in the crossfire.

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