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Watch: Helicopter pilot loses control after takeoff, here's what happens next

A pilot attempt to fly a helicopter parked on a small helipad. However, he fails miserably and crashes the chopper soon after the takeoff. The viral video surfaced online and captured netizens' attention.

Helicopter pilot loses control after takeoff, here's what happens next - gps
First Published Dec 30, 2022, 5:43 PM IST

There are numerous accident videos on the Internet. Danger accidents often teach a lesson about how one should behave on roads. However, this might be the first time you have seen something like this. 
A Twitter page named Lance shared this video on the micro-blogging site with the caption, "Imagine tryna explain this to the insurance company without the video." The footage created ripples on digital media and shocked netizens.

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The 19-second-long video starts with an inexperienced pilot attempting to ride a chopper parked on a small helipad. However, things took an unexpected turn, and the pilot lost control of the helicopter. Soon after its takeoff, the copter crashes. In the video, a man also tried to instruct the pilot. However, his teachings seemingly go overlooked as the helicopter topples and collides on the ground. The viral video also shows a panicked dog and two other cars parked near the helicopter. 

After watching the video, one can understand that the pilot struggles to control the chopper soon after starting its engine. As he loses control, the helicopter begins to tumble, crashing into pieces and turning over. 

After being shared online, the viral video quickly caught a lot of eyeballs and accumulated over 5.7 million views and 3104 retweets. The viral video horrified social media users. Netizens also tweeted several comments to share their opinions on the reason behind the helicopter crash.

A user wrote, "Explanation is simple. The landing pad slipped forwards before the helicopter could move up." Another person commented, "The gay who came outside told him just to put it down. I don't know why he didn't just shut it off; instead, he crashed it, lol." Watch the video.

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