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Baby Elephant falls in trouble, here’s how the heard saves it; watch

A viral video shows the incredible joint efforts of an elephant herd to save one of their calves as it falls into the river and is swept away.

Baby Elephant falls in trouble, here's how the heard saves it; watch - gps
India, First Published Apr 18, 2022, 5:13 PM IST

An elephant herd coming together to rescue one of their calves has emerged on social media. An Instagram page called ‘’ posted this video with the caption, "Every elephant lover should."

In the video, one can see a herd of elephants bathing together in a waterfall.  A baby elephant bathing with its mother loses balance and starts flowing with the water in no time. Fortunately, the mother elephant notices this, runs towards the baby elephant, and tries to block him from being swept away in the high current of waters. The mother jumbo successfully controlled its baby with its trunk and dragged it back. However, the baby elephant was not as heavy as the mother, so it kept flowing back in the waters.

The nearby elephant's herd witnessed all this and sensed the mother's pain, and headed towards her to save the little one. After their outstanding joint efforts, they manage to rescue the baby with the help of their trunks and feet. They take the baby elephant towards the land and head out of the water. Take a look.

After being shared online, the video has accumulated 2332K views. The elephant's teamwork inspirited social media users. Netizens wrote several comments and expressed their views. A user wrote, "Their group life looks so beautiful n full of love. Human being should protect them." Another commented, "I just love these animals."

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