Popular Front of India, an organisation that has linked to multiple terror case in India, is now under the radar in Kerala.

The story begins with Chitra Lekha, a Dalit autorickshaw driver from Kerala's Kannur, announcing her plans to convert to Islam allegedly after being discriminated on caste grounds by the Communist Party of India (Marxist). 

In a facebook post, Chitra Lekha -- who belongs to the Pulaya community said: "I was forced to run away from my village as they did not allow me to live there. Still, they are continuing to torture me. I decided to convert to Islam as I lost hope to get justice."

Asianet News decided to dig deeper into the claim.

And therein emerged evidence that the PFI may be trying to exploit the helplessness of the Dalit woman. 

Hear Chitra Lekha tell Asianet News how the SDPI, the political wing of the Popular Front of India, promised to get her a new house, job and financial assistance if she were to convert her faith.