What if someone told you that your personal details including your credit and debbit card, CVV number and phone numbers are available online for sale?

The dark web is a creepy place, mostly. And, as much as you wouldn't want it, your personal details could be out there for everyone. Madhya Pradesh Police cyber cell has said that the debit and credit card details including phone numbers, email IDs, CVV numbers are available online for sale. 

The cops reportedly managed to discover this when a Lahore-based ring that sells bank information of Indians at Rs 500 was busted. the probe began when a customer revealed of an unauthorised transaction. On further probing, it led them to a person called Rajkumar Pillai of Mumbai and Ramprasad Nadar. 

Cops then found out that they used the stolen data for transactions where OTP isn't required. These the cards who haven't enabled the one time password, so only card details are needed to make the transaction. And, the data needed like the account number, CVV and expiry date would have been available online for sale. 

In one of the most recent incidents to come to light is of Shashwat Gupta, who works for a firm in Kozhikode and was duped of Rs 1.3 lakh. The attackers knew all his details and only rquired the oTP number. To gain access to his OTP number, they called him impersonating his telco provider and asked him to link his aadhaar number to his phone number immediately. The instructions they gave deactivated his number and then they quickly got a duplicate SIM for the transaction. 

The chaos around Aadhaar linking is just working in the favour of these malicious minds. This doesn't necessarily mean Aadhaar is to be blamed, as such incidents keep surfacing in various forms. These malicious minds could simply tell you they are calling from banks claiming your account may shut and ask for your details, or even offer you a new credit card with jaw-dropping benefits and ask you for details and siphoned money from your accounts.

One has to be diligent and aware, and also spread awareness among your family and friends that a bank will never call you for details, don't believe a service provider calling you to follow certain instructions and choose to walk into an official store.