In the past, we've seen several hoax messages doing the rounds on WhatsApp. One such that has surfaced is about RBI pulling the shutter on certain banks. The message reads that the Reserve bank of India (RBI) will be shutting down nine banks. Do not fall for this message as it’s a hoax. 

The WhatsApp message doing the rounds has listed nine prominent banks and could cause a panic among account holders. The message warns users that if they have an account in any one of these banks, then it’s time to immediately safeguard their cash.

Take a look at some screenshots posted by TheQuint, and also this Twitter user who has put out a tweet informing users.

The virtual world isn't an easy place to live in. In the past, we’ve come across so many hoax messages. One such message was WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will start charging users for their services. The scam asked people to pass on messages, creating chain messages, to avoid paying up for the services.