This doesn’t happen too often. Samsung took marketing to another level. The company gave away 200 units of the brand new Galaxy Note 8 for free.

Samsung generously gave away 200 units of the Galaxy Note 8 and what looks like a way of encouraging people that its phone doesn't blast in flights, the units were given to passengers on a flight in Spain.

The units were given in a late night flight from La Coruña to Madrid, and do note that the cost of phone is more than that of the ticket. Each passenger got a box, which read, "A year ago we asked you to turn it off, we welcome you today on board."

Watch the video below:

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and S8 devices managed to overshadow the memories of the blasting Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the most recent incident in India could bring back those memories. A Samsung smartphone of a passenger on the Delhi-Indore flight caught fire mid-air. This didn't just panic the passengers onboard, but the flame didn't go off immediately as the airplane's fire extinguisher reportedly malfunctioned. Finally, it had to be put in water. 

In another incident, we saw how a Samsung device burst into flames in a man's pocket. However, it is believed that the man was not using an approved battery. So, it reportedly wasn't Samsung's fault.