There is an app for everything! We rely on apps to book a cab, order food from restaurants, lookup recipes, watch movies, listen to music and the list can go on and on. On the other side, the more we are dependent on our phones, the more we face poor battery issues. As per a survey by Avast and AVG and other reports online, there are apps that consume more battery power than others. Let's take a look at them.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger

While Facebook can keep you hooked for hours, it is among the apps that can drain your battery. Both Facebook and its Messenger app are ranked high in the survey. Facebook's altrnative, lite app, can come to the rescue as it uses less data, resources and battery.

Amazon Shopping

Amazon is the most popular shopping app, and quite convenient to use. But, according to Android Pit, app isn't well optimised for Android and operates in the background to pull up current promotions and deals, which leads to it using more battery.

YouTube, Netflix and streaming sites

Love binge-watching? Then, you must know that apps like YouTube, Netflix and others consume a lot of battery life.


Snapchat is the most popular app, but it is also said to drain the battery life and consume significant amount of memory space. It is also known to consume a lot of data.


Tinder is among the most popular dating apps that continuously pushes out data, depending upon your location. This means it also updates your location.


Outlook is another app that can suck out the battery life from your phone. Many users have multiple email clients that further add to the woes.