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World Heart Day 2023: Day, history, theme

World Heart Day 2023's theme, "Use Heart, Know Heart," highlights the importance of understanding and caring for our hearts, emphasizing the need for awareness and proactive steps in both physical and emotional heart health

World Heart Day 2023: Day, history, theme ATG EAI
First Published Sep 22, 2023, 7:30 AM IST

World Heart Day, celebrated every year on September 29th, is a momentous occasion dedicated to promoting heart health worldwide. In 2023, the theme "Use Heart, Know Heart" takes center stage, underlining the importance of understanding and caring for our hearts. This campaign reminds us that we can only truly cherish and safeguard something when we genuinely comprehend it. In this article, we will explore this year's theme and delve into why knowing our hearts is the first step toward a healthier, happier life.

The "Use Heart, Know Heart" Theme
The theme for World Heart Day 2023, "Use Heart, Know Heart," encapsulates a profound message. It emphasizes that, as individuals, we must be aware of the intricate workings of our hearts to make informed choices about our lifestyles and healthcare. This theme resonates with the idea that we tend to prioritize what we understand and value. When it comes to heart health, this understanding is pivotal.

"Use Heart" encourages us to employ our hearts wisely, not just as a physical organ pumping blood but as a symbol of our emotional well-being and love for life. It urges us to make heart-healthy choices in our daily lives, such as eating nutritious foods, staying physically active, and managing stress.

"Know Heart" underscores the need for self-awareness regarding heart health. It's about understanding our risk factors, recognizing warning signs, and proactively seeking preventive measures. Regular health check-ups and screenings play a crucial role in this aspect.

The Significance of Knowing Our Hearts

Understanding our hearts is paramount because cardiovascular diseases continue to be a leading cause of mortality worldwide. Heart diseases are often preventable through lifestyle modifications, making awareness and education vital. When we know our hearts, we can take charge of our health and reduce the risk of heart-related issues.

Moreover, knowing our hearts extends beyond physical health. It includes recognizing the emotional and mental aspects of heart health. Emotions like love, happiness, and compassion have a profound impact on our overall well-being. By nurturing positive emotions, we can contribute to a healthier heart and a more fulfilling life.

World Heart Day 2023 with its theme "Use Heart, Know Heart" is a poignant reminder that our hearts deserve our attention and care. By understanding and valuing our hearts—both physically and emotionally—we can embark on a journey towards a heart-healthy life. This day serves as a global call to action, inspiring individuals worldwide to prioritize their heart health for a brighter and healthier future.

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