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Primary prevention of spinal cord injury; here are some major tips to follow

We spoke to Dr Bharat P Sarkar, consultant spine surgeon, Manipal Hospital, Whitefield who gave us some insides of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and more

Primary prevention of spinal cord injury; here are some major tips to follow RBA
First Published Sep 6, 2022, 11:32 AM IST

Every year 20,000 new spinal cord injury (SCI) patients are added in India. We have around 15 lac people living with spinal cord injury. Most of the patients are young males(16-30) from poor socio-economic groups.

Spinal cord injury (SCI) not only causes paralysis but also has a long-term impact on physical and mental health. Efforts are often focused on care and healing, but evidence-based prevention should have a greater role.

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One way to prevent spinal cord injury (SCIs) is through education, including teaching behavior modification and parenting strategies. Primary prevention can also play a vital role in engineering and equipment innovation. For example, improved car seats, airbags, and seat belts have reduced the incidence of motor–related spinal cord Injuries.

Etiology-based prevention tips.

Falls- In India falls from height are the leading cause of SCIs. Fall prevention types of equipment and harness should be worn religiously when working at heights.

Motor vehicle accidents -Safety tips such as - always wearing a seat belt or utilizing an airbag, obeying the speed limit, paying attention, and following rules of the road are important for the primary prevention of an SCI.

Firearm-related injuries- Though rare in India but all firearms should be secured in a locked location away from children, and bullets should be stored separately from the firearms

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Sport-related injuries -As India is slowly becoming a sporting nation, this cause of SCI can become more relevant in the future. Basic prevention starts with ensuring that a player with the same matched skill levels playing with the other player. It‘s crucial to avoid injuries while Organizing teams and games based on maturity level. Appropriate and adequate protective gear is one of the essential things to protect athletes from SCIs; the damaged equipment it be should be never used. 

Playgrounds and Fields where sports events are played should be well maintained to avoid serious injuries. Proper use of a helmet while, roller skating, bicycling, and skateboarding is an important SCI primary prevention technique.

Water and Recreational sports-related injuries- Primary prevention techniques that can be used to prevent spinal cord injuries in swimming pools is the use of clearly marked depths. 95% of people receive an SCI from a swimming incident in which they dive into water less than 8 ft deep.

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Trampoline-related injuries- The younger population is affected by etiology, in which two-thirds of injuries are reported in children. Trampoline usage should be competent in supervision is an essential primary prevention tip. The trampoline has been shown to reduce the number of falls with the netting constructed around the trampoline, but it should not be used as a substitute for supervision.

Society should focus on the prevention of secondary complications or on finding a cure. Instead of putting into practice ways to eradicate the occurrence of SCIs. Primary prevention of SCI requires health care professionals, cooperation, and the education of members of the community.




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