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5 makeup tricks and tips every woman should know

From getting ready within minutes to using minimal products for makeup, here are some tips and tricks that every woman should know about makeup.

5 makeup tricks and tips every woman should know drb
First Published Sep 6, 2022, 7:15 AM IST

Most women love makeup; there are no two doubts about it. Whether it is to doll up your best friend or to get ready yourself, women are always looking for excuses to put on some makeup. It is also no secret that most women have been searching for makeup hacks and tricks on the internet. They follow channels and pages of makeup artists who often share videos that come in handy for a quick makeup session or to correct what went wrong. If you too are one of those women, then this is the place for you! Here are five tips and tricks that you can use the next time when you are planning to put on some makeup.

Never forget to use a colour corrector and foundation for day makeup: Daylight makeup is always tricky; the face should always look fresh and flawless during the day. A little too much makeup on the face will spoil the whole look. Therefore, colour correction and foundation should never be forgotten. First of all, hide the spots and dark circles on the face with the help of concealer. Make sure your concealer is of the same colour as the skin tone. Then take the foundation on your hands and mix it with your face cream. Apply small dots of it on your face and blend it with the help of a sponge or brush. With this trick, the face will look absolutely flawless.

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For a quick makeup: The morning routine is hectic for everyone. If you are someone who does not have time to apply so many products to your face in the morning, then just follow this trick. Take the concealer that matches your skin. Apply it under the eyes, on the sides of the lips, near the nose and blend it well. Your face is ready.

The correct sequence is necessary: It is important to apply makeup products in the right line, otherwise, you can easily spoil your look. Apply foundation, concealer and compact powder on the face. This should be done only after you have done the makeup of the eyebrows and eyes. Always in this episode, applying the product of makeup to the face brings out a flawless and beautiful face.

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Keep multi-use products: Nowadays there is a trend of such products which can be used in multiple ways. These kits are very useful for touch-ups outside the home. A stick would be more suitable for eyeshadow than a palette. You can blend it by taking it into your hands. At the same time, you can also use this type of eyeshadow for a glossy look. Keep these types of makeup products handy with you which you can blend with the help of fingers and you do not need to keep a lot of brushes outside the house.

Get office ready: If you want to get ready for the office in no time, just fill in the eyebrows with a tinted moisturizer. Combine the perfect lip colour with soft brown eyeshadow and cream blush. This makeup will give a soft look to the office.

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