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National Nutrition Week: What are mindful eating? Know about it & veganism

We spoke to some experts, who explained to us about "mindful eating" and how to pay attention to what is on our plate. 

National Nutrition Week: What are mindful eating? Know about it & veganism RBA
First Published Sep 1, 2022, 3:00 PM IST

National Nutrition Week is celebrated from September 1 to September 7 to promote healthy eating and wellness. The government has started programmes that strongly focus on good nutrition, wholesome food, and an active lifestyle.

Good nutrition promotes physical and mental health as well as a fit lifestyle. What you eat is more crucial than merely concentrating on working out or exercising. 

As a result, we'd want to see if you're working on any articles related to National Nutrition Week. We would be pleased to send statements, articles, and viewpoints from the following individuals:

Simrun Chopra, Nourish with Sim founder and Deep Health Coach: She adheres to the straightforward principles of "mindful eating" and paying attention to what is on your plate. Rice, Roti, 20% Proteins (Dal, Chicken, Paneer), and 30% Greens should make up a meal. She promotes straightforward home diets rather than trendy eating regimens, frequently known to have fatal side effects. She thinks a balanced, direct approach to health and fitness can be made possible by carefully balancing exercise and sensible eating habits. She has advised more than 10,000 people.

Only Earth: There has been a significant shift in what individuals eat. Indians are consciously converting to veganism since it is supported by science, offers proper nourishment, and makes you feel lighter. Only Earth has introduced two variants: coconut and oat. Both versions are adaptable and fantastic for persons with
PCOS, bloating, acne, and hypertension. The brand's founder, Kunal Mutha, made the change for himself and has noticed a considerable improvement in his health.

Autumn Leaf Bistro, Goa: According to a survey, 39% of customers say they have changed their eating behaviours when dining out and are more likely to order entrées with less calories, smaller servings, and meals with less sodium. According to Krishna Reddy of Autumn Leaf, nutrition should complement the menu's theme and be marketed largely for its sensory qualities.

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