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Keep your pets warm this winter by following these tips

Making your pets comfortable through the winter needs proper planning. Winter is here, and pet parents should ensure they have checked all the boxes for their pets. Here are some tips you can follow to help keep your furry friend warm. 

Keep your pets warm this winter by following these tips sur
First Published Nov 23, 2022, 12:54 PM IST

Humans are confused about how they should prepare their pets for winter. Do your furry canines need a jacket? Can our cute feline venture out? Making pets comfortable through the winter requires careful planning. Winter is here, and pet parents should ensure they have checked all the boxes for their beloved furry babies. Here are some tips for keeping your pets warm in winter.

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  • Know the breed: While many short-haired animals greatly benefit from coats or warm clothing, many animals don't need such support. Considering the large population of Golden Retrievers, Huskies, St. Bernards, Chow Chow's and other long-haired dogs in India, coats during winter are not required as they can potentially lead to skin irritation.
  • Keep them cosy: Unlike wild and stray animals, pets that grow up in homes may not be exposed to outdoor conditions and do not develop a tolerance for them. Especially if your pet is thin-coated make it wear something warm, especially if your pet is shivering. If you are putting a muffler or a sweater on a dog or other animals, keep an eye on them because sometimes dogs don't like wearing them and chew them up. Ingesting wool can be dangerous for your pets. Especially for puppies with less body mass for heat generation, they can wear a doggy sweater when headed outside.
  • Keep their beds dry: The cold floor of your house can be terrible for your pets to sleep on. A cosy little bed with a pillow and blanket can keep your pets warm during the winter night. Keep their beds dry in winter as things take longer, which can cause skin infections and other problems.
  • Keep them dry: While bathing your pet during winter, it is essential to dry them off very well after their bath. A wet and cold fur coat can lead to skin infections and the animal falling severely unwell, and using a good household hair drier in a medium setting does the trick.
  • More food and exercise: Pets generally eat more in the winter. An increase in exercise should complement this increase in appetite. Now that our pets eat more, they can gain weight, leading to obesity. Obesity in animals can cause many issues, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and bladder stones. The good part is that you don't need to worry about your pet having a heat stroke because of the sun, so they can take long walks and have longer play sessions outdoors.
  • Shield the paws: Keeping track of pets' paws during winter is essential. Paws are prone to cracking in cold conditions due to dryness and can even bleed in some severe cases. It's necessary to keep paws well moisturized to avoid such ill effects as they can lead to severe pain, making it difficult for your pets to walk around. Add a little fat to their diet so their coat remains moist during the winter.
  • Keep them away from cold water or food: This is a critical practice. Only give room-temperature water and warm food to your pets. Cold water and food during winter can make them sick and catch a cold.

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