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Improve your health during your 40s with these lifestyle changes

Many women focus on the short-term results instead of focusing on the long-term outcome. Especially in their 40s, women experience a lot of changes in their bodies. By following these habits, you can lead a fit lifestyle. 

Improve your health during your 40s with these lifestyle changes sur
First Published Oct 7, 2022, 2:16 PM IST

Every decade of their life, women should take care of their health and well-being. As they progress in age, many health issues come to the fore, including bone and muscle aches, weight fluctuations, skin problems and other issues. When a woman turns 40, the pre-menopausal phase kicks in, and some put on weight or lose weight. Many women have muscle and bone pain, skin pigmentation, grey hair, etc. A woman should work towards long-term benefits instead of following methods that give you faster results for a short period. You can incorporate these lifestyle changes for a healthier lifestyle during your 40s. 

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1. Move your body for at least 30 minutes a day: Women in their 40s often complain of fatigue, which can be tackled by having a working out routine. At least for 30 minutes, having a workout routine can help your metabolism. Working out doesn’t only mean going to the gym; simple walks, jogs, Pilates, and stomach crunches will also do. 

2. Add almonds to your diet:  Almond is rich in protein, an energy-yielding nutrient that contributes to the growth and maintenance of your muscle mass. Having a handful of almonds may promote a feeling of fullness, which may keep your hunger at ease. Almonds can also help in lowering the blood sugar impact of carbohydrate-rich foods. A study published by researchers at the University of Leeds found snacking on almonds mid-morning (compared to crackers with equivalent energy or water of equal weight) resulted in a lower overall hunger drive and suppressed unconscious desire to consume high-fat foods.

3. Focus on a holistic diet: Many women complain about losing their appetite or craving more food. To avoid extremities, women should focus on consuming a nutritious meal which balances protein, minerals, vitamins, iron and calcium. Avoid skipping meals. Include more sprouts, leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits and meat in your diet.

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