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Silbhadra Datta EXCLUSIVE: BJP will create history in Bengal, central jail will become TMC's HQ post elections

In an exclusive interview with Asianet News Network, BJP's candidate from West Bengal's Dum Dum constituency, Silbhadra Datta, predicted a decisive victory for the saffron party in the state in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

As the Lok Sabha Elections of 2024 heat up across the nation, political fervor reaches its peak in every nook and cranny of the country. Amidst the hustle and bustle of campaign trails and fervent debates, Silbhadra Datta, the BJP candidate from Dum Dum Constituency, West Bengal, spoke exclusively to Asianet News Network and predicted a decisive victory for the saffron party this elections. The BJP leader also spoke about the recent Sandeshkhali incident, responded to allegations of misuse of investigating agencies for political gains, slammed TMC and Mamata Banerjee's 'chor' mentality and more.

Addressing the recent Sandeshkhali incident, Datta emphasizes the societal nature of the problem, stressing that it transcends political boundaries. "Sandeshkhali is a societal problem. This is not a political issue. This is an issue of every village in Bengal. Sandeshkhali is just one of them because protests arose and that's why everyone knows Sandeshkhali across India today. However, under TMC rule this problem persists in every village," the BJP candidate from Dum Dum said.

In his interview, Datta also responding to allegations of internal strife within the BJP ranks following his nomination to contest from Dum Dum constituency and firmly denied any such discord, asserting the unity and commitment of the party workers towards their common goal.

On the contentious issue of the Ram Mandir inauguration, Datta portrayed it as the culmination of a centuries-old struggle for the Hindu community, rather than a political manoeuvre. "Ram Mandir is a culmination of a 500-year-old fight. Thanks to PM Modi, Ram Lalla returned to his home. This is the fruit that the Hindu community reaped after decades of struggle. This is not a political issue. This is an issue related to the Hindu community," the BJP leader said.

Datta also dismissed accusations of politicizing investigative agencies such as the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), labeling those who make such claims as "thieves" attempting to deflect attention from their own wrongdoings. He accused West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her party of corruption, asserting the agencies' role in bringing justice to those who have exploited public trust.

"Thieves are saying this. Mamata Banerjee is saying this. Kejriwal is saying this. You have robbed people, what has agency got to do with this. This is the work of 'chor log'. Mamata Banerjee is a 'chor'. Her ministers are 'chor' and are being sent to jail. There is no need to pay heeds to such allegations. Thieves will speak, but agencies have sent them to jail for their misdeed," the BJP leader told Asianet News Network.

Reflecting on defections within the political landscape, Datta suggested that it takes courage to stand up against injustice, implying that those who have returned to the TMC lack such resolve. He reaffirmed his commitment to the BJP as the party that opposes all forms of injustice.

Turning to the industrial landscape of Dum Dum, Datta promised a focus on fostering industrial growth while safeguarding industrial land from encroachment for other purposes, contrasting his vision with previous administrations' intentions to allocate industrial land for non-industrial purposes.

"On Industrial land, industries will only be built and not multistorey buildings. During CPM's rule they announced plans to build multistorey buildings on industrial lands. The TMC government also have such intentions. But we are firm that only industries will come on industrial land. We have to encourage industries and we will provide land for it," he told Asianet News Network.

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In April, during an exclusive interview with Asianet News Network, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed a lot of hope in Bengal in the upcoming elections. When asked what his take was, Datta said, "BJP will win so many seats in Bengal that it has never won so far. Bengal will create history this time in favour of BJP. People of Bengal are ready to hand over its state in Narendra Modi's hands."

Addressing accusations surrounding electoral bonds, Datta defended the BJP's receipt of funds, attributing it to the party's significant presence in both the central government and various state governments. He accused the opposition of baseless allegations and contrasts BJP's transparency regarding fund sources with the purported opacity of other parties.

"BJP has 303 MPs and have governments formed in 17 states so we will get more only right? How many MPs do you (opposition) have that you will get so much money? The Opposition asks where has all this money come from and we have every person's name who have got a BJP electoral bond. However, TMC's spokesperson says we don't know who gave use electoral bonds and it was thrown in our post boxes. Every single person who spent money on electoral bonds claimed it was theirs towards the party. On the other hand, TMC have used their own black money in the name of electoral bonds. BJP have got more money because BJP have more MPs. BJP will get when its in power in 17 states and BJP should get the money," the BJP candidate from Dum Dum remarked.

Finally, Datta condemned the use of abusive language by CM Mamata Banerjee during her campaign, interpreting it as a sign of desperation in the face of an impending defeat. He predicted a decisive victory for the BJP in Bengal, foretelling a future where justice prevails over vitriol.

"Mamata Banerjee has already understood that TMC will loose this time. Mamata Banerjee's defeat has begun. BJP will win more seats in Bengal this time. After the elections along with the SC order, they will all go behind bars. TMC's headquarters will be in Presidency Jail (Central Jail) after elections. The fear along with the heat wave has rocked Mamata Banerjee, which is why she's abusing openly in public. No sensible and educated person will utter the fould words that she has uttered," he concluded.