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4 herbs that help you to manage PCOS symptoms naturally

The causes of PCOS are still indefinite, but it has become a major problem among many women. We have listed some herbs that can help manage the symptoms. Herbs have natural nutrients that allow us to fight the signs of PCOS. 

4 herbs that help you to manage PCOS symptoms naturally SUR
First Published Sep 16, 2022, 3:49 PM IST

Polycystic very syndrome - PCOS is a hormonal disorder that many women face these days. You can identify specific symptoms, but still, some women fail to recognise these symptoms in the early stages, leading to more complications. The exact cause of PCOS is still unknown. But according to experts, a change in our diet and lifestyle can help ease the symptoms.

These herbs are rich in nutrients and spices and can be used as natural supplements, which can help you fight PCOS and can give you relief. Flavorful spices support proper body detoxification, revitalise the reproductive system and regulate insulin resistance while improving hormonal imbalances within the body.  Please read below for more information about it.

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Also known as Dalchini, it is a magical spice for various reasons. It helps in Anti-inflammation and helps to decrease diabetic properties in our body. It helps improve the menstrual cycle and helps in women's reproductive and metabolic health. Cinnamon can also help high blood sugar levels by improving the sensitivity toward insulin for women suffering from PCOS. 

It helps in managing your weight and any imbalance in harmons. Guduchi helps in boosting the reproductive system in women. It contains many nutrients like iron, zinc, copper, calcium, and phosphorus, which help strengthen women’s health. It is also effective in hormonal imbalance and also the inflammation of PCOS. 

Also known as asparagus, it is quite effective in easing the symptoms of PCOS. It is well known for developing follicular growth and helps in reducing insulin sensitivity. 
It improvises the menstrual cycle. It enriches vitamins, including bioflavonoids, vitamin B, calcium and zinc, which play a significant role in a woman’s health. 

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The significant symptoms of PCOS are weight loss, weight gain, stress, unbalanced menstruation cycle. Ashwagandha can be a solution for all these symptoms. This herb can do wonders; it helps increase fertility and decreases cortisol levels.  It also helps hair fall, a significant problem in PCOS. Ashwagandha also helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

Using these natural herbs in your lifestyle can significantly change your health. Always make sure you go to visit your gynaecologist regularly.

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