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8 reasons why sleeping on cotton bed sheets can be beneficial

Sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle; cotton bedsheets can help to improve your sleep. Here are eight benefits of sleeping on cotton bedsheets.

8 reasons why sleeping on cotton bed sheets can be beneficial sur
First Published Sep 15, 2022, 1:45 PM IST

Cotton has been termed the ‘king of fabrics’. It is the best material not only for the fabrics that your wear but also for your bed sheets; it is the most suitable for people who live in warm weather conditions. Cotton is soft, breathable, light and easy to handle. It comes in variations, depending on the format of the three counts. Egyptian cotton is the most premium version of cotton. Take a look at eight reasons why you should use cotton bed sheets:

It helps fight insomnia: In this stressful world, insomnia has become a common problem people are facing. Sleeping on cotton bed sheets is surprisingly helpful with insomnia. The soft and smooth fabric of cotton helps people sleep comfortably. Cotton bed sheets are the best solution if you have difficulty sleeping at night.

It helps in keeping your skin healthy: Cotton bedsheets are suitable for all skin types. They are natural and chemical-free, ideal for people with susceptible skin. The natural moisture in the bed sheet helps to keep the bed fresh and comfortable and is not harsh on your skin.

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Regulates body temperature: Cotton helps you to keep your body stay cool and calm. It helps in absorbing extra moisture from the human body. The fabric helps in getting better sleep. 
Prevents heat rashes: Heat rashes appear when sweat gets trapped in your skin. They are most common in babies and adults who live in hot and humid places. Heat rash can be excruciating. But using the proper cotton bend sheet can help you prevent heat rates. 

Fosters sound sleep: Cotton sheets which are smooth, soft and comfortable, help in sound sleep. It enables you to sleep for a longer duration. Sleeping on cotton sheets can be very pleasing, and you can sleep peacefully because of its breathable nature. All these factors contribute to sound sleep.

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Helps in fighting respiratory diseases: Cotton sheets are breathable in nature, which helps to stop the accumulation of bacteria and dirt in the bed.  It can be helpful for people who suffer from asthma problems. Cotton allows people to breathe clean air while asleep, which is good for their health.  

Mental health issues: Lack of sleep can be one of the causes of mental health issues. Sleeping on a comfortable, pure cotton sheet can help you improve your sleep. Cotton sheets help you get calm and breathable sheets. Hence, we can tell that sleeping on cotton sheets can be helpful mentally. 

Less strain on your body: Cotton sheets can be easy to handle and don't require washing, drying and ironing. Pure cotton sheets are low in maintenance and put less strain on your body, which will be less stressful and isn’t very time-consuming.

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