Obesity has not remained a problem for just humans, in Thailand, there is a monkey that has gained twice its normal weight because of hogging food given by tourist. The long-tailed macaque weights 15 kg whereas the average weight of this animal should be between 8 kg to 10 kg. 

The fat monkey roams around a floating market near Bangkok’s Bang Khun Thien area. Seeing his condition the government wildlife officials have decided to send the monkey to a ‘fat camp’ to put it on diet and to make it ‘run around’. Nicknames as Uncle Fatty, the monkey has been taken to a wildlife rescue centre in Nakhon Nayok province where he will receive health check up.

According to a Bangkok Post report, Uncle Fatty is a famous monkey and he is not sick. He is old and doesn’t like to move.

According to a senior official at the Department of National Parks, Kanjana Nittaya, the reason behind his obesity is that many people Bangkok’s Bang Khun Thien area and feed the monkey, and probably it is sitting there and overeating, The Nation quoted the official as saying. 

Watch the monkey here: