Actress Rima Kallingal has shared a Facebook post on her wall which the assaulted actress has to send to her. Rima has made the post as a reminder the actress, who was brutally attacked and assaulted in a moving car, is also seeing and listening to such things. 

Rima states that the post indicates that the quotation was given by Dileep and he is capable of much more.

Hinting at the fact that such posts create a false impression among the youth that attacking, threatening and making fun of woman amounts to heroism or machoism, Rima states that we should save our real men from such beliefs. "We as a society need to tell my friend and the world that, 100 people who distribute sweets outside the jail and copy paste from fake profiles like cowards are not the real men of our society."

 Read her post below


The Facebook post from an account Loser's media surfaced the day after Dileep got bail. It states that those 'feminists' who spoke against the actor should be careful. Kerala is yet to see the real quotation. If Dileep really wants, all of you women will be reduced to just MMS, the post says. 

It was found that the post was made from a fake account which got deleted soon after it became an issue.