After love jihad, Christian Help Line raises alert against food jihad in Kerala

First Published 7, Oct 2017, 5:12 PM IST
food jihad halal Christian Help Line Facebook post
  • Christian Help Line was formed to avert the love affairs between Christian girls and Muslim boys
  • They have now come up with an allegation against increasing popularity of Arabian and Halal food in the state
  • In a Facebook post, they have alleged that it is part of 'food jihad' by which people are brought under the possession of 'jinns'

It seems the social media networks are way too concerned about the religious conversions taking place in Kerala. After 'love jihad' the netizens are now trying to find a conversion angle in everything, including food. 

The Christian Help Line, which was originally formed with the aim to avert the love affairs between Christian girls and Muslim boys, has now raised a seemingly strange allegation. The helpline on its Facebook page, has written that 'food jihad' is something that goes unnoticed by everyone, including  who is concerned about 'love jihad' and 'population jihad'.

The post states that there is a deliberate move to institute Arabic culture in Kerala by popularising Arabian cuisine. It says that introduction of halal chicken and dishes from the Middle East like khuboos and grilled meat items are examples of such an initiative. 


They state that popularising Arabian dishes in Kerala is part of the food jihad agenda propagated by a group. Dum biriyani and kuzhi manthi are available even in the rural areas of Kerala. Though most people will think that it is only a result of globalisation it took some time to understand the seriousness associated with it, the group says. 

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"Halal certification indicates that the food being produced or sold by a firm or restaurant complies with the norms to be followed by Islam. Halal certification is a must for exporting food items to Islamic countries. There are several agencies to check and provide Halal certification in India. By ensuring Halal food in the restaurants and hotels Muslims are gaining a monopoly in our food market," the post states. 

The post further says that having Halal food is even more dangerous as those slaughtering the animal 'recite a spell' before performing the act. Those having such food is likely to get possessed by 'jinns'.

A Christian and a Hindu priest, who are specialised in exorcism told the writer of the post that there are doubts whether those persons slaughtering the animals are reciting Arabic spells that can bring people under the possession of spiritual entities. The writer also says that he has personally seen the victims of love jihad behaving like people under the possession of demons. 

The post cites recent cases like that of Hadiya and another girl who left her parents for marrying a person from another religion as examples of such possessions. the post further states that Arabian dishes are capable of influencing the behaviour and even thoughts of those who do not believe in Islam. 

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It goes on to say that those who stand for the rights of converts are under the influence of such spells and those who dare to take a stance against Muslims in religious conversion cases are either vegetarians or those who do not eat halal food. 

The Facebook post ends with a request to all non-Muslims to avoid Halal food and Arabic dishes to save next generation.