'Dileep fans an embarrassment to Keralites': Youth's Facebook Live video goes viral

First Published 6, Oct 2017, 7:30 PM IST
Dileep bail Facebook video viral
  • A video has emerged on Facebook in which a user harshly criticises Dileep fans 
  • He states that by organising celebrations Dileep fans spoiled the reputation of Keralites
  • In another video, the user states that he has no issue with Dileep as an actor

Dileep's arrest and bail were the most celebrated news on social media. The celebrations by Dileep fans also grabbed extensive media attention. 

However, not many were happy with the celebrations, and they feel that it exceeded the limits. The fans uploaded several videos welcoming the actor while some others criticised such moves. 

Recently, a video emerged on Facebook where a user, Kamarudeen, harshly criticised Dileep fans for celebrating the bail of the actor. He states that the fans have spoiled the reputation of people in Kerala. 

"Dileep was not sent to jail for taking part in Salt March. He was arrested as there was a suspicion that he conspired to attack the actress. Don't you have any shame," Kamarudeen asks Dileep fans. 

He further states that Keralites were considered to be persons who consider things with maturity. But with current events they have spoiled this image, he says. 

Listen to him

The video became viral and there were severe criticisms against it. Later, the Facebook user came up with an explanation that he has no issues with actor Dileep, but he cannot support the fans. He also asks whom will you support if the same had happened to your sisters.