Speaker K B Koliwad was criticised from all quarters for the mismanagement of diamond jubilee celebrations of Vidhana Soudha but he is a happy man singing Dr Raj Kumar’s song ‘Yaare Koogadali…’ translating to ‘let anybody scream this buffalo will not be bothered', reported Kannada Prabha.

Speaking at a press meet on Thursday Koliwad said no matter who said what, the diamond jubilee is a grand success and fortunately  he got the opportunity to conduct it and he is very proud of it.  He brushed off all comments as ‘natural’ and quoted Dr Rajkumar’s song ‘Yaare Koogadali..’  

He said he has swallowed many a criticism. He has left all comments against him to the almighty. There were 19 Speakers before him and none got an opportunity like this and he was thankful for it. When questioned about the expenses he said there are officers to give details of expenses, auditors to account and everything was done as per regulations.

When asked about the allegation of misappropriation of funds he said even Mahatma Gandhi was alleged. If the allegation is true then it will be proved as truth cannot be curtailed. He said he is not afraid as he is one hundred percent transparent.