After the recent political development in the coalition government headed by JDS-Congress, differences seem to surface in the JD(S) camp especially after the recent nomination of MLC candidates for three seats. All this after JD(S) chose HM Ramesh Gowda from the party's youth wing.

By-elections were necessitated after three MLCs - Dr G Parameshwara of Congress, V Somanna and KS Eshwarappa from BJP - got elected to Vidhana Sabha in the recently-concluded assembly election.  The coalition partners decided to field MC Venugopal, Naseer Ahmed from Congress and HM Ramesh Gowda from JD(S).

Although the coalition candidates are likely to get elected in the coming weeks, the decision to seems to have upset Bengaluru JD(S) president R Prakash,  former MLC, Ramesh Babu, Kona Reddy and other senior leaders of the party.

R Prakash said, "I had worked hard for the party for the last 30 years, took HD Kumaraswamy's name to every household through a special programme before assembly election. I was expecting some recognition. However, I respect the party's decision for choosing another person for this." 

Sources in the JD(S) say the decision of fielding Ramesh Gowda has shocked many party workers as there were better candidates. According to the information, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumarasamy's intention was to make former MLA and North Karnataka's JD(S) leader, Kona Reddy as MLC to influence voters from that region. However, HD Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy were allegedly influenced by senior Gowda's daughter, who pitched Ramesh Gowda's name.

"It is clear that the JD(S) party's kitchen cabinet is strong and can influence the decision making skills of the chief minister and former chief minister," said a party source.

At a time when the coalition government is sailing through troubled waters, and with general election fast approaching, this is not a good sign for the JD(S) in particular as it is seen as a party of "opportunists", according to sources. 

"The reports of leaders getting angry after I got selected and leaders not cooperating is all far from truth. I will take all into confidence and work to strengthen the party," said Ramesh Gowda.