Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, during his visit to Mangaluru, had eaten fish during lunch and then paid a visit to Sri Manjunatheshwara  Temple in Dharmasthala. Though some people have tried to make it into a controversy, the temple authorities themselves have said that choice o food is left to the devotees and there are no rules regarding this, quoted a news channel.

When asked, Siddaramaiah too clarifies that there is nothing wrong in entering a temple after eating fish or non-vegetarian food.

It is said that the temple authorities are of the opinion that it is between the devotee and the god. There is no way to check people if they have come after a bath or have eaten vegetarian food. However, the person (priest) who conducts pooja is barred from eating non-vegetarian food as he enters the Garbha Gudi (sacrosanct place in the temple).

Thus, this issue has led to arguments between people where some have taken a stand that there is nothing wrong in going to temple after eating non-vegetarian food and some others have strongly criticised the CM for this action. 

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