A man was caught by the watchman of the apartment, when he was trying to dispose the body in Bengaluru. The accused has been currently arrested by the police.

Hiren, an employee with a private company at Rajajinagar in Bengaluru doubted loyalties of his 37-year-old wife. The couple had fights frequently and on Wednesday, the fight ended in husband slitting the throat of his wife around 4.30 pm on Wednesday.

Hiren lived with wife and son in one of the apartments in Rajajinagar for eight years. Son was not at home when the incident took place. Later, when the son returned from school, the man explained the situation to him.

Father and son waited till 11 pm and slowly started moving the body (packed) out of the house. When both of them carried the body till the parking lot and opened the car, the watchman observed it. When questioned by him, father and son became nervous and on checking, he found the dead body.

Hiren was then arrested by the police. During interrogation, Hiren said that his wife was not loyal to him and was violent with him. On Wednesday, when the argument turned into a fight, in a fit of rage Hiren slit his wife's throat. The son is said to have helped the father as he was in shock and did not know what to do. Thus, no action has been taken against the son yet.

Hiren has been sent to judicial custody.