Bengaluru: Shanthinagar MLA NA Hari's son Mohammed Nalapad is in news again, but this time for his unique purchase.

Nalapad has paid Rs 2.75 lakh to buy the unique number plate 8055 that looks similar to BOSS. He took part in the auction and won the number plate.

Nalapad was in news after assault on Vidwath at a cafe in UB City in February, and is currently out on bail. He was in jail for more than two months.

The auction for special number plate was conducted at Transport Commissioner's office in Shanthinagar starting from KA-03-NE series.

In the auction, 23 numbers were sold. Out of these, 0001 was sold for Rs 1.80 lakh, 7777 was sold for Rs 1.35 lakh, 0009 for Rs 1.57 lakh, 6999 for Rs 1 lakh. Numbers 0005 was sold for Rs 86,000, 0666 for Rs 80,000, 0555 and 0999 for Rs 76,000. Apart from these, 1234, 1111, 0333, 0045, 4545, 0007, 8888, 0909, 9999, 0003, 0018, 3339, 3333 were sold for Rs 75,500.

The department collected Rs 22,46,500 from the auction for a total of 23 special numbers.