BBMP's revenue department created a small uproar after 2,000 honest tax payers received a rather shocking tax notice. Aslam Pasha from Banashankari, who was supposed to pay Rs 5,484 in tax, received a notice to pay Rs 4.35 crore. Similarly, Srinivas Murthy, a resident of Ittumadu, was asked to pay Rs 1.59 crore tax against the original amount of Rs 6,235.

Speaking to Asianet Newsable, Aslam Pasha, a Kaveri Nagar victim of the online goof up said, “Every year I receive the notice and pay the tax without fail. But this time I almost collapsed looking at the notice. I have a 600 sqft property, and the annual tax does not cross Rs 6,000. But the BBMP gave me a heart attack by asking me to pay Rs 4,35,32,161 tax for the year 2017. Because of this technical glitch, I had to run from post to pillar keeping aside my business for almost a week to set it right."

 Like Pasha, BM Srinivas Murthy, another online goof up a victim also experienced a similar situation. He said his house is less than 1,200 sqft and is supposed to pay only Rs 6,235. But he too was asked to pay a tax of over a crore.

"The challan mentioned that I have to pay Rs 1,59,09,284 tax. I fell sick after looking at the challan. Later, I had had to struggle a lot - making rounds to the BBMP's Revenue Department to get the figures right,"   he added.

NR Ramesh, a BJP leader who uncovered these goof ups, lashed out at the BBMP’s Revenue and IT Department and said, "There are 2,000 plus taxpayers facing similar problems. The honest taxpayers are put to inconvenience. The BBMP should first set its system right and then issue challans. Else these challans may cause serious issues including heart attacks. If this problem is not set right immediately, it may discourage people to pay tax on time".

Venkatachalapaty, Joint Commissioner, BBMP Revenue Department agreed on the fact and said the glitch had been corrected. “Those who got the faulty challans were asked to submit their property details and previous year’s receipt. The IT department has been given clear instructions to check the system solve the issues," he said.