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Tragic suicide shakes Bengaluru: AMC college student takes drastic step after unjust suspension

A young student named Nikhil Suresh allegedly took his own life after an unjust suspension from AMC College in Bannerghatta, sending shockwaves through Bengaluru. The circumstances surrounding his suspension, coupled with the distressing aftermath, have prompted his grieving parents to stage a protest in front of the college, seeking justice for their son.

Tragic suicide shakes Bengaluru: AMC college student takes drastic step after unjust suspension
First Published Dec 29, 2023, 12:50 PM IST

Nikhil Suresh, a first-year hotel management student at AMC College, was pursuing his education with dreams and aspirations. However, his life took a tragic turn when he found himself suspended from the college, a move that would ultimately lead to devastating consequences. 

The trigger for Nikhil's untimely demise was reportedly a dispute with a fellow female student approximately 15 days prior to the tragic incident. Despite asserting his innocence, the college management decided to suspend Nikhil, leaving him in a state of despair. 
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In an attempt to rectify the situation, Nikhil, accompanied by his mother, approached the college authorities to appeal for his reinstatement. Reports indicate that he even penned an apology letter, expressing remorse and seeking another chance to continue his education. Unfortunately, his plea fell on deaf ears, as the college allegedly not only refused his request but also subjected him to physical assault. 

Disturbingly, Nikhil's parents claim that they filed a complaint at Bannerghatta police station regarding the unjust suspension and the subsequent assault. Shockingly, they alleged that the police overlooked their concerns, promising to revisit the matter after 15 days. This perceived indifference from law enforcement added to the family's anguish. 

Overwhelmed by the relentless challenges and the seeming lack of support, Nikhil Suresh, burdened with despair, took the drastic step of ending his own life on Thursday night. The incident has left the community in mourning, questioning the systemic failures that contributed to this devastating outcome. 

In response to their son's tragic fate, Nikhil's grief-stricken parents have taken a stand against the college's alleged mistreatment and the perceived police apathy. They have initiated a protest in front of AMC College, demanding justice for Nikhil and shedding light on the urgent need for an impartial investigation into the circumstances leading to his death. 

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