Kolkata: On 15 August, a poster was put up in Belpahari calling for Kaladibas (black day). Again, the posters were put up on September 4 in the area, threatening to stop the government from carrying out road work. Locals allege that the Maoists have repeatedly threatened the people residing in the area, causing a spread of panic.

It has been reported that the posters were put up at various places along the road 2 km away from Belpahari Bazaar on Friday (September 4) morning. The posters stated, “Road work must stop immediately.”

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The Public Works Department is working on road repairs in the area. Maoist posters were seen put up at the Harda intersection in the Belpahari area. Posters were also put up on roadside light posts, shops, and vehicles used for road repairs.

According to the Public Works Department, work is being carried out to widen 26km of the total 40km road from Dharsa to Porari in Jamboni block. A lot of posters were seen in the area calling for a black day on August 15. Since then, there has been a panic in the area surrounding posters threatening to stop government work.

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According to police sources, there is a picnic spot at Dhangikusum in Belpahari where many foreigners are present. Police hope to identify suspects from the area. Jhargram Superintendent of Police Amit Kumar said, “The matter is being investigated.”