Chief minister Mamata Banerjee, on October 7, held an administrative meeting at Ghoradhara Stadium in Jhargram district. In the meeting, she reviewed the development of the district with the people's representatives and government officials. Mamata Banerjee has inaugurated 7 new projects including Jhargram Medical College. She has also announced funding for various temple renovation projects.

In the meeting, Mamata warned the officials and people's representatives on several issues. The chief minister said, “Even after doing so much in Jhargram, a group of people is playing dirty politics here. Those who are accusing us must do their work themselves.”

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Mamata Banerjee handed over the employment letters to the families of those who went missing in the Maoist era. The chief minister said, “All the temples, mosques, gurdwaras, and churches in the state are being renovated and a pilgrimage map is being prepared. A lot has been done including hospitals, stadiums, roads, universities, sports academies in Jhargram.”

Concerned about the COVID infection in Jhargram, Mamata Banerjee has issued several warnings to the administration. She said, “The infection of COVID is entering the Jhargram border area from Mumbai, Chennai, Jharkhand through lorry tires. The administration must be very careful and should check the samples of the lorry tires at toll plazas. The food brought by drivers from hotels and restaurants must be sanitised properly to avoid the germs.”

In the meeting, the chief minister warned all the DGs of the state police from the people's representatives on the issue of Maoists. She said, “Let the Maoists not come back, let there be peace in the jungles. We have brought peace in the jungles with great difficulty. If there is any unrest again, people will stand up and fight for peace.”

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Addressing the DG of the state police, Mamata said, “It is your responsibility to keep an eye on foreigners who are coming in Bengal with lots of money. There should not be any disturbance. The police need to be a little more active.”

To run the ‘Pathasree’ project smoothly, the chief minister said, “This project is being done by the state government. The work will be done Centrally through tenders. No one will interfere. It will be done directly by the state government from its own funds. All political parties and panchayats will keep this in mind. When the government works, it will be for everyone. The government belongs to the people, not to any political party.”

After the meeting, the chief minister paid obeisance at the Kanak Durga Temple in Chilkigarh. She visited several localities.