In a case of human-animal conflict in Karnataka, a lone elephant ventured into a village in Tumakuru and trampled a man. The 70-year-old farmer lost both his legs in the attack and his condition is critical.

The injured person, identified as Govinda of Koli Halli village, had exited his house to answer nature's call.

The villagers who sensed trouble after hearing the trumpet of the lone elephant in the early morning, climbed on to the rooftops. They saw the angry elephant heading towards the old man. The villagers raised an alarm and asked him to run for cover, but the elephant was fast enough to get to him and flung him in the air with kicks.


Forest officials arrived to tranquilise the elephant and restore it into the wild.

It is said that the elephant that travels during summer in search of water, may have separated from its herd in the elephant corridor in Tumakuru