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Rasam paste ad in Bengaluru ignites debate: 'Is your wife north Indianaaa?' sparks outrage among netizens

A bus advertisement in Bengaluru, featuring a confused man with the caption "Wife North Indianaaa?" ignited a heated debate on social media. While some defended it as promoting multicultural marriages, others criticized its sexist undertones and reinforcement of stereotypes about North and South Indian cultures. Divisive opinions persisted, debating whether the ad was offensive or intended as humour.

Rasam paste ad in Bengaluru ignites debate: 'Is your wife north Indianaaa?' sparks outrage among netizens vkp
First Published Jan 7, 2024, 6:45 PM IST

A recent advertisement splashed across the back of a bus in Bengaluru has triggered a heated discussion on social media, sparking differing opinions among netizens regarding its cultural sensitivity. The ad in question features a baffled-looking man alongside the caption "Wife North Indianaaa?" which has ignited a debate on its implications and perceived stereotypes.

Tejas Dinkar, a social media user, posted an image of the advertisement expressing concerns about its potential sexist undertones and the perceived offence it might cause to both North and South Indian cultures.

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Sharing the image on Twitter, Dinkar expressed, “Today in ads that manage to be sexist while also insulting both North and South India (from r/bangalore)”.

Opinions on the controversial advertisement were polarized among social media users. While some criticized its sexist implications, others saw a positive angle, highlighting its potential to support multicultural marriages.

One user pointed out, "Some take offence. Some see an ad for a product that helps multi-cultural marriages work." Another echoed this sentiment, stating, "Hey, at least they're promoting inter-regional matrimonial."

Despite the division in opinions, defenders of the ad found it creative and humorous. "I don't know which North/South/East/West Indian would be offended by this advertisement. I find it creative and funny. 100% would buy Indira's Rasam paste," expressed a user.

However, criticism persisted regarding the stereotypes perpetuated by the ad. It was highlighted that the advertisement implied certain stereotypes, such as assuming that women from northern Indian states might not know how to cook rasam conventionally or that it's solely the wife's responsibility to cook for her husband.

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The ad's detractors expressed their disapproval, pointing out that such ads reinforce outdated biases, making it challenging to break free from those norms.

The controversy surrounding this advertisement stems from its perceived perpetuation of stereotypes and its potential to spark tensions between North and South India. However, opinions remain divided on whether the ad is genuinely offensive or merely an attempt at humour.

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