On Saturday morning Supreet Kaur, a news reader with a private news broadcaster IBC-24 channel, was reading her regular 10 am bulletin. The Chhattisgarh-native was 15 minutes into the show when got a call in from a reporter who said that a Renault Duster SUV had crashed, leaving three dead and two injured.

The 28-year-old mother, who has been working with IBC-24 - one of Chhattisgarh's most-viewed channels - for nine years, realised it was her husband's vehicle but she still calming carried on reading the news.

According to her colleagues she "bravely" continued to read the news, and only after the show got over she walked out and called the reporter and then broke down.

Bhilai-based Supreet Kaur is a popular anchor in the state. Last year, she married Harsad Kawade and the couple, who lived together in Raipur have a daughter.