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Mosquito menace: 4 effective kitchen ingredients to beat mosquito bite itch

Why go to a pharmacy when you have medicine to cure a mosquito bite itch available in your kitchen?

Mosquito menace 4 effective kitchen ingredients to beat mosquito bite itch
Bengaluru, First Published Jul 10, 2020, 7:54 PM IST
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Bengaluru: People spend a lot of their time outdoors. While it is good to be close to nature rather than being indoors, mosquito bites are inevitable.

Once a mosquito bites a human being, that particular area becomes itchy. This is due to the substance injected by female mosquitos. The substance is a mix of enzymes, anticoagulants and proteins.

The allergic reaction, due to which the area of the bite swells up, is due to the protein in the injected substance. The part could turn red in few cases as well.

Here are a few easily available ingredients that can cure the allergic reaction to the body caused by mosquito bites.

Plantain leaf

Mash the leaf and drain the juice from it. Apply it on the swollen area.


The citric acid in lemon has antibacterial properties. This will help in reducing the itching sensation. Squeeze the lemon onto a cotton wool and apply the juice on the affected area.


Hold the ice against the swollen area for a few minutes. It will provide relief from itching.


Both the ingredients help in reducing the itching and swelling. Take cotton wool and dip it in tea or alcohol and apply it over the swollen area. 

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