Palakkad: A sambar deer accidentally ran into a Kerala bakery and caused losses by damaging the shop. According to reports, the deer entered the bakery on February 3.

The deer damaged glass containers, glass table, chairs and other items in the shop. The deer also sustained injuries during the ruckus.

Onlookers said that the deer was standing by the main road, and when the shop owner opened the bakery, the deer rushed inside.

The panic-stricken animal ran amok and ruined items that were placed in the bakery.

Upon receiving information of incident, the forest guards and rapid response team arrived at the bakery and captured the deer.

The transported the deer in their vehicle to conduct a medical examination as it had suffered injuries.

Sambar deer:

Rusa unicolour or the Sambar as it is popularly known in the Indian subcontinent and parts of Asia is a large deer. Hunting and industrialisation has led to a sharp fall in the population of this species over the years. The Sambar is a vulnerable species listed in the IUCN Red List.

Sometimes referred to as the Philippine deer, or "Philippine sambar" this species of deer finds itself out of its element due to many encroachments in forest areas and the developments in human habitation.