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Karnataka shocker: Kalaburagi lawyer hacked to death in broad daylight; motive points to old land dispute

Exploring the shocking daylight murder of lawyer Eranna Gowda in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, as captured on CCTV, with a focus on the assailant's pursuit, potential motives related to an old land dispute, and the ongoing police investigation.

Karnataka shocker: Kalaburagi lawyer hacked to death in broad daylight; motive points to old land dispute snt
First Published Dec 7, 2023, 9:41 PM IST

In a shocking and brutal incident that unfolded in broad daylight, a lawyer named Eranna Gowda was hacked to death by an assailant in Kalaburagi, Karnataka. The horrifying event, captured on CCTV footage, reveals a merciless chase that lasted nearly half a kilometer, culminating in the assailant brutally ending the lawyer's life and crushing his head with a stone. As the investigation unfolds, the police suspect an old enmity related to a land dispute as the motive behind this gruesome murder.

The tragic incident occurred near an apartment close to the Sai Mandir in Kalaburagi. Eranna Gowda, who was on his way to the court on a bike, was intercepted by two masked assailants. Faced with imminent danger, Eranna abandoned his bike and fled towards his apartment, but the relentless attackers pursued him. In a shocking turn of events, the assailants killed Eranna Gowda and swiftly fled the scene as he attempted to defend himself by reaching for a licensed gun from his pocket.

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The CCTV footage captured the chilling moments when Eranna Gowda attempted to draw his gun in self-defense, highlighting the sheer brutality of the attack. Despite having a licensed firearm intended for protection, Eranna was unable to ward off the assailants, marking a tragic turn of events.

The University Station Police have initiated an investigation into the matter, with the Kalaburagi City Police Commissioner, R Chetan, personally overseeing the case. Preliminary findings suggest that the motive behind the murder may be an old enmity related to a land dispute. Commissioner Chetan addressed the media, revealing that two teams have been formed to apprehend the assailants. The investigation is multifaceted, considering both the information gathered at the crime scene and the complaints lodged by the deceased lawyer's family.

“The miscreants attacked the lawyers while they were going to the court. At present, two teams have been formed to arrest the miscreants, and based on some information received at the spot, our team has followed the trail of the murder accused. We are investigating in all dimensions. We will also investigate based on the complaints made by the deceased lawyer’s family. The information about how many people were there is not known exactly," the Commissioner said.

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