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Karnataka: KEA exam accused obsessed with casinos and online gambling?

The CID's inquiry into Rudragowda Patil's involvement in the KEA recruitment irregularities exposes a shocking obsession with online gambling, revealing massive transactions of 30 lakhs within four days. His association with a mastermind, multiple hall tickets, and dedicated mobile numbers for gambling transactions deepen the investigation into the scandal's depths.

Karnataka: KEA exam accused obsessed with casinos and online gambling? vkp
First Published Nov 23, 2023, 10:45 AM IST

An astonishing revelation has emerged in the case involving Rudragowda Patil, an Assistant Engineer at Athani Water Resources Department, linked to the irregularities in the KEA recruitment examination. Patil, hailing from Nelogi in Jewargi taluk, stands accused of aiding and abetting the irregularities surrounding RDP, drawing attention due to his affinity for online gambling.

The CID inquiry into Patil's involvement uncovered startling details regarding his financial activities, showcasing an obsession with online gambling. Prior to his arrest, Patil reportedly funnelled a staggering sum of 30 lakhs into online casinos within a mere four days.

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The investigation further delved into Patil's association with the alleged mastermind, RD Patil, when the latter managed to evade capture. Patil's mobile phone, discovered at a location linked to RD Patil's escape, revealed an astonishing connection to the world of casinos. Shockingly, the CID unearthed evidence indicating substantial investments in casino gaming.

The CID's scrutiny intensified after the discovery of more than 17 hall tickets in proximity to Patil, implicating him further in the inquiry. Detailed analysis of his mobile data unveiled a myriad of surprises. Reports from the investigation shed light on Patil's mode of operation, explaining that he conducted online payments for casino gaming, denoted by the code MPC 91. Allegedly, Patil frequently engaged in extensive online gaming, channelling funds from the purported kingpin, Sakhya, into his gambling pursuits.

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Furthermore, the inquiry divulged that AE Rudragowda Patil maintained three dedicated mobile numbers solely for online gambling transactions. The CID's investigation estimated Patil's online gambling expenditures at over 30 lakhs, distributed across three bank accounts within four days leading up to his apprehension.

The examination of Patil's mobile phone data uncovered the surprising revelation of his financial activities conducted through these accounts. The CID's ongoing probe into the KEA scam continues to unveil unexpected facets, prompting a deeper exploration into the depth and extent of the malpractice.

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