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Karnataka: Girlfriend’s family allegedly strips boyfriend’s uncle and assaults in Haveri

A reminiscent incident in Haveri, Karnataka echoes the infamous Belagavi case. Sangeetha and Prakash's elopement leads to violent assaults by Sangeetha's family on Prakash's relatives. Police investigations are initiated as assaulted individuals file complaints; couple's whereabouts undisclosed. Sangeetha’s family also files a complaint.

Karnataka: Girlfriend's family allegedly strips boyfriend's uncle and assaults in Haveri vkp
First Published Dec 19, 2023, 4:39 PM IST

In a disturbing incident reminiscent of the sensational Belagavi woman's nude parade and assault case that gained national attention, a similar event was reported in the Haveri district of Karnataka. This incident has been echoing the notorious Belgaum assault case, garnering widespread attention on Tuesday.

The turmoil stemmed from the elopement of Sangeetha from Chalageri village with Prakash from Mudenur village on December 15. Despite vehement objections from both families, the couple chose to pursue marriage against their families' wishes.

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The tension escalated when Sangeetha's parents and relatives, incensed by their daughter's departure, launched an aggressive assault on Prakash's residence. Allegedly breaking into the house, they seized Prakash's uncle, identified as Kash, and subjected him to a harrowing ordeal where he was stripped and assaulted. This disturbing episode transpired in Mudenur village within Ranebennur taluk. Sources indicate the family feud was further exacerbated by previous disputes, notably involving a financial loan disagreement.

Reports suggest that amidst the chaos, Prashant, another relative, was forcefully taken by Sangeetha’s family to Ranebennur town. Shockingly, Prashant was purportedly stripped and subjected to physical violence multiple times, with the woeful incident reportedly unfolding near a police station.

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Consequently, the aggrieved family of the assaulted individuals lodged a formal complaint with the Ranebennur rural station, initiating a police investigation into the distressing altercation.

The current whereabouts of the couple, Sangeetha and Prakash, remain undisclosed. On the other side, Sangeetha’s family filed a complaint with the Halageri police station.

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