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'Give Rs 3 lakh, everyone will be fit': Outrage as Congress' Kanhaiya Kumar accuses Army of corruption (WATCH)

In a viral video that has stirred a cauldron of outrage and debate across India, Kanhaiya Kumar, the Congress candidate from northeast Delhi, unleashed a barrage of allegations against the revered Indian Army.

Give Rs 3 lakh everyone will be fit Outrage as Congress' Kanhaiya Kumar accuses Indian Army of corruption (WATCH) snt
First Published May 24, 2024, 6:32 PM IST

In a viral video that has stirred a cauldron of outrage and debate across India, Kanhaiya Kumar, the Congress candidate from northeast Delhi, unleashed a barrage of allegations against the revered Indian Army. His remarks, laden with accusations of corruption and favouritism within the ranks, have ignited a firestorm of condemnation and calls for accountability.

Kumar's bold assertions, delivered with unwavering conviction, cut to the core of one of India's most esteemed institutions. He brazenly claimed to possess knowledge of systemic corruption within the Indian Army, alleging that the pervasive malaise extends from recruitment to retirement.

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One of the most alarming allegations put forth by Kumar is the suggestion that individuals can essentially buy their way into fitness within the armed forces. By purportedly paying Rs 3 lakh to the medical board, candidates could allegedly circumvent any physical shortcomings, undermining the meritocratic principles upon which the military is founded.

"I know everything that happens in the Indian Army. Shall I start talking? Everything is fit, but they (Indian Army) will say your thumb is crooked. Will say your knees bone is protruding. Give Rs 3 lakh to the medical board, everyone will be fit. I will tell you where there is corruption," the Congress leader said in the viral video.

He further alleged, "I will tell you how Indian Army makes retired personnel run for their pension. I'll tell you how there is a differentiation between a soldier and a officer, especially with regards to quota in the canteen. I will tell you how some get tough duty and how some get easy duty."

Kumar's incendiary remarks have sparked widespread outrage and condemnation. Critics have lambasted his allegations as baseless and inflammatory, accusing him of tarnishing the reputation of an institution held in the highest regard by millions of Indians.

"There's nothing new in this. He has made his whole career out of disrespecting his own country and army. I am surprised how the people of this country allow him to speak this much," said one user on X.

Another commented, "The issue with these individuals is their hatred of competency and merit, as they want everything handed to them without effort. In the 18th century, a freeloader named Karl Marx was born in Germany, leaving behind a regressive ideology now embraced by the woke worldwide. Although Germany has long dismissed his foolishness, there are still clowns in India who idolize this figure to mask their own incompetence and inferiority."

"He is anti national. Proved so many times," said a third user on X.

A fourth user lamented, "He accused the Indian army of committing rape in Kashmir. He praised Afzal Guru and Congress aims to send a member of the 'Tukde Gang' to parliament Lalu and Kanhaiya Kumar represent regressive Bihar politics that hindered Bihar's development. Now these people want to plague the nation through their divisive politics to return to power. Ensure such savages never reach our parliament."

It's worth noting that last week Kanhaiya Kumar was assaulted by seven to eight people and had black ink thrown at him while campaigning in the national capital. Two individuals purported to be involved in the attack have emerged in videos, proudly claiming responsibility for assaulting the Congress leader. They assert that they targeted him because of his alleged involvement in advocating for the division of the country and speaking disparagingly about the Indian Army.

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"Hamne chaante ka jawaab diya hai (we have given an answer with our attack)," the two men said. Calling themselves 'Sanatani lions', they claimed Kumar had also insulted the Indian Army and they had "treated" him.

The 37-year-old Congress leader is currently engaged in a electoral contest against the BJP's Manoj Tiwari, the incumbent Member of Parliament representing the constituency. Tiwari holds the distinction of being the only Delhi MP retained by the party without replacement. The electoral battleground is set for Delhi's sixth phase of voting scheduled for May 25.

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