Tollywood star Rana Daggubati, who has recently delivered blockbusters with Baahubali 2 and Ghazi, is all set to play a CBI officer dealing with former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's assassination. 

Rana has also given his nod for a couple of interesting and entertaining films already. Last year, Veerappan Attahasa and Cyanide filmmaker AMR Ramesh stated his ambitious film Aasphota — The Human Bomb, which is about the Rajiv Gandhi assassination. 

According to the reports, Rana will play CBI officer DR Karthikeyan who headed the Special Investigation Team (SIT) that investigated Rajiv Gandhi's assassination case. This movie will be made in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam languages as Rana has become a popular face across film industries post-Baahubali.


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And another big reason for making the film is that Rajiv Gandhi's murder is a national issue which can attract the attention of movie goers irrespective of region and language. 

Our source says that the filmmakers and Rana had had a few rounds of discussion during this weekend when he was in Bengaluru for a mobile promotion. It was stated that the movie would be shot in abroad locations like Sri Lanka, US, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore.  

According to Times of India, filmmaker Ramesh said, "We have done deep research on this topic from various people from LTTE and police officers who have been involved with the case. 

Those police officers also shared a lot of trivia and inputs in confidence. The research took a span over many years, which has led to this script."

However, the formal announcement will be made very soon.