Popularly known as the 'evergreen actress' Suhasini will say 'action' to a Kannada movie soon.


The Mutthina Haara, Bandhana, Benkiyalli Aralida Hoovu actress Suhasini is all set to direct a Kannada film being produced under Rajendra Singh Babu’s banner.


Earlier, Suhasini had worked as the lead in the film Bandhana directed by Rajendra Singh Babu in 1984. This film made the Suhasini-Vishnuvardhan pair very famous. 


Wife of acclaimed director Mani Ratnam, Suhasini is a close friend of  Rajendra Singh Babu. As Babu has seen her work in close collaboration, he seems to be confident of a good movie in the direction of Suhasini.


Both have agreed to make a Kannada movie and will give out the official announcement soon, said Babu to the Times of India. The cast is yet to be decided.