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From Deepika Padukone's 'buttocks' to 'RAW, PMO': 12 cuts made by Pathaan makers revealed

The problems for Deepika and Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathaan continue to amplify each day. Now, the CBFC has suggested twelve changes in the entire film. The controversy started from the moment the Besharam Rang song came out.

From Deepika Padukone's 'buttocks' to 'RAW, PMO': 12 cuts made by Pathaan makers revealed vma
First Published Jan 7, 2023, 11:52 AM IST

The entire issue erupted and is slowly amplifying like wild fire. It started when a section of social media users started the trend Boycott Pathaan because they were angry with Deepika wearing a saffron-colored bikini set in the song Besharam Rang. Shah Rukh got accused of hurting sentiments because of wearing a sea green color shirt in the Besharam Rang song from Pathaan. This issue refuses to calm down. There is a new development in the tale. It means that the film is constantly facing more heat each day.

After so many politicians, netizens, social media users, Karni Sena, and other organizations started joining the Boycott Bollywood brigade due to this ongoing controversy, ardent fans witnessed many personalities supporting the song and the film. But unfortunately, CBFC decided to get changes done in the entire movie as of now.

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Earlier the CBFC had stated that they would review the film and suggest the changes to makers, following that only will the film be released in theatres. Now the censor board has given out a list of twelve confirmed changes that are mandatory in the entire film.

A look at the twelve changes suggested by CBFC are as follows:

RAW to be replaced by Humare. The word, Lulle Langde, to be replaced by Toote Foote. The term, PM, to be replaced by President or Minister. The word PMO, will have to be removed in almost thirteen places from the film. Ashoka Chakra, the term, be replaced by Veer Puraskar. Ex-KGB to be replaced by Ex-SGU.

Mrs. Bharatmata, the term, be replaced by Humari Bharatmata. The word, Scotch, to be changed by using term, Drink. Black Prison, Russia, the terminology to be changed by using only Black Prison in Pathaan. Use the word Wagairah instead of Samvidhaan. Replace English credit titles with Hindi and English language titles in the film.

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It looks like, times ahead will be much more difficult for the star. Ever since the song, Besharam Rang, has released, both Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika have been at the receiving end of ire and wrath from fans and social media users. It has not settled down well with users, politicians, and even fans that the stars have insulted Hindu culture by wearing green and saffron colors in the song. Now, the apex body, CBFC, has given its verdict on the twelve mandatory changes it wants the makers of Pathaan to do in the entire film, failing which the film cannot get released in the theatres without the changes. This decision comes in after the recent Besharam Rang song controversy, which is not stopping.

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