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ODI World Cup 2023: Youtuber IShowSpeed arrives in India wearing Kohli's jersey to support India

Renowned YouTube sensation IShowSpeed, known for his humor and passion, embarks on an in-real-life streaming adventure in Mumbai, India, fulfilling his dream. With over 20 million subscribers, his presence in India excites fans and adds thrill to the ODI World Cup, particularly India vs. Pakistan. He engages in light-hearted banter and generous interactions with locals, creating a buzz in the digital domain.

ODI World Cup 2023: Youtuber IShowSpeed arrives in India wearing Kohli's jersey to support India vkp
First Published Oct 12, 2023, 4:03 PM IST

Renowned YouTube personality Darren, also known as "IShowSpeed," has embarked on an exciting in-real-life (IRL) streaming journey in the vibrant streets of Mumbai, India. This global streamer, originally from Ohio, had longed to explore India, and his dream came true on October 12. IShowSpeed is a prominent YouTube streamer with a vast following of over 20 million subscribers, and he's also active on Instagram. Known for his winning combination of humour and passion, he has risen to the top of the digital realm.

One of the highlights that caught everyone's attention was when IShowSpeed was seen wearing Virat Kohli's cricket jersey in India just before the intense clash in Ahmedabad. His popularity has spread to India, and his mere presence on the iconic streets of Mumbai has excited his fans. One enthusiastic admirer even suggested that he should be granted honorary Indian citizenship for his devotion to India and Kohli.

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The sight of IShowSpeed at Mumbai's famous Azad Maidan, donning his signature sports jersey and a traditional Indian dhoti, was a spectacle that captivated his devoted followers. His incredible journey through India and unwavering support for the Indian cricket team mirrors the universal adoration for the sport and its legendary players.

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IShowSpeed's enthusiastic fan base, coupled with his presence, has added an extra layer of excitement to the ODI World Cup. Fans have embraced his passion, and his jersey-wearing appearances have become iconic as the India vs. Pakistan showdown approaches.

Amid the excitement, IShowSpeed brought some humour by playfully speculating about Mahatma Gandhi's connection to Virat Kohli while looking at Indian currency. In another entertaining video, he was seen generously offering money to fans who approached his car for photos. This exciting journey and IShowSpeed's unique style have captivated fans across the globe.

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