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'Divorces have shot up since women started working': Ex-Pakistan cricketer's shocker (WATCH)

Former Pakistan cricket captain Saeed Anwar's controversial remarks attributing rising divorce rates to women entering the workforce have triggered widespread criticism on social media. In a viral video, Anwar suggests a direct correlation between women's employment and marital discord, drawing backlash for his sexist views.

cricket 'Divorce rates soar since women entered workforce': Saeed Anwar's controversial remarks get criticised osf
First Published May 15, 2024, 10:34 PM IST

Former Pakistan cricket team captain Saeed Anwar's remarks on the impact of women joining the workforce and its correlation with rising divorce rates have sparked controversy on social media. In a viral video, Anwar attributes a nearly 30 percent increase in divorces over the past three years in Pakistan to the growing number of working women.

His comments, deemed sexist by many, suggest that women's financial independence leads them to assert control over their households, causing marital discord. The video has drawn widespread criticism for perpetuating outdated stereotypes and overlooking the broader societal factors contributing to family dynamics.

“Since women have started working in Pakistan, divorce rates have climbed by 30 per cent in the last three years," Anwar said in the video that has gone viral on social media.

“The wives say, ‘to hell with you, I can earn myself. I can run a household on my own'. This is a whole game plan. You will not understand this game plan unless you find guidance,” he added.

“I have travelled the world. I am just returning from Australia, Europe. Youngsters are suffering, families are in bad shape. Couples are fighting. The state of affairs is so bad that they have to make their women work for money,” the former Pakistan cricketer is heard commenting in the video.

"New Zealand's captain Kane Williamson called me to ask, ‘How will our society get better?'... The Australian mayor said to me, ‘Our culture has been destroyed since our women entered the workforce,'” he further said

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