Mumbai: Only one day to go for the grand premiere of Bigg Boss 14. Fans are very excited for this season as it will be very different and unique from the rest of the seasons.

The Bigg Boss house will have all the luxurious facilities to pamper the contestants. From the shopping malls to the spa, contestants will have all the luxury that they missed during the lockdown period.

Finally, Bigg Boss lovers will be glued to their seats and enjoy the reality show. As every year Salman Khan will be hosting the show.

Designer Ashley Rebello offered a glimpse of Salman Khan's chalet. It looks luxurious and stunning. Fans went gaga over the post and commented that they can't wait to see the house too.

Space has been created for Salman Khan in the house when he is not shooting for the episodes. He will also get to keep an eye on the contestants sometimes.

In the video, one can see the beautiful living room and Salman Khan's huge bedroom. Space also has his picture, and the space has many brown and warm tones.

Watch the video.


His little BB #chalet , a sneak peak for u

A post shared by Ashley Rebello (@ashley_rebello) on Oct 1, 2020 at 9:06pm PDT