India is procuring 10 Lynx U2 Fire Control systems worth Rs 1,355 crore for the Indian Navy's frontline warships. 

Here's what you need to know about the weapon control system, which has been indigenously developed by the Bharat Electronics Limited.

* Lynx UX provides air defence capability with long, medium and short-range gun mounts. The targets can be engaged using gun mounts onboard ships.  

* The system locates a hostile target by means of radar, acting on search information and to track its approach with high accuracy.

* The system comprises a fire control tracker and weapon channels. The fire control system tracks approaching targets and accordingly controls the weapons by manoeuvring it to exact firing positions. The target is tracked until it is destroyed.

* The weapons control system will be installed on naval offshore patrol vessels, Talwar and Teg class of ships.

* The system has been developed and delivered to Indian Navy specifications and has been in service for over two decades.

Photograph:  Rhk111/Wikimedia Commons