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Spine-chilling story of how Vijay Nair was cyberstalked by a woman

  • The stalker then began harassing his female colleagues and journalists he interacted with on Twitter.
  • Each time he complained about an account and it was suspended, a new account would crop up.
  • When Nair thought its the end to all the stalking, the story had just begun.


Vijay Nair cyber stalking story
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Vijay Nair is the founder and director of OML (Only Much Louder), and the ordeal he went through due to a stalker could give you goosebumps. First reported by Huffington Post, it shows how men who are being stalked are left with few to no options for their safety. And, what it also shows is how such incidents could leave you with a horrendous experience for life.

Here's what transpired from November 2015 to February 2016

Vijay Nair, the founder of OML found himself in an embarrassing situation when suddenly obscene and abusive tweets were hurled at him and people he interacted with on Twitter, especially women. These tweets tried to show him as a sleaze and someone who usually engages in sexual harassment.

The stalker then began harassing his female colleagues and even journalists he interacted with on Twitter. There seemed to be a pattern as anonymous handles seemed to be on a mission, making some serious accusations.

Each time he complained about an account and it was suspended, a new account would crop up. And, it was the same story of accusations, yet again. Soon, the stalker started harassing his female colleagues, friends and acquaintances. One such acquaintance, whom he barely knew, named Geeta (name changed) was affected by such harassment. She confronted him and when he unfolded the story, she said she is friends with Salman Khan (offering her his security personnel) and could also take help from her cousin who happens to be the top cop Himanshu Roy.

These are screenshots that were obtained by Huffington Post showing the conversation with Roy and Khan.

Vijay Nair cyber stalking story

Vijay Nair cyber stalking story

Nair suspected that probably a Delhi based couple he knew could be harassing him. He mentioned this to Geeta, who in turn ensured that her ‘cousin’ Himanshu Roy warned the couple.

While Nair thought that’s the end to all the stalking, the story had just begun. Geeta started complaining about rape threats from the woman stalking Nair. One day, the stalker claimed to have reached Mumbai and said was below Geeta’s building and soon security personnel were deployed and help was taken from the Mumbai police.

Late evening they decided to leave and Nair got a message from the stalker, stating she has left a message for him. Geeta confirmed that a note has been slipped through her door that reads, ‘Meet Me’.

The police soon found out the ink was fresh and there was no way to slip the paper through the door. The cat was out of the bag. Geeta was the stalker! Soon, it was founded that neither Salman nor Himanshu Roy knew Geeta. Shera, Salman's famed bodyguard has confirmed the same to Huffington Post.

Nair along with the police made her admit that she has been behind the ordeal. She told the police that her boss TVF founder Arunabh Kumar made her do all of this. To give you some context here, Vijay Nair’s company OML works with East India Company and AIB, competing with TVF.

However, nothing to that effect was proven. Though it seemed reasonable that she couldn't have pulled out such a feat that includes multiple American numbers and VPN without an accomplice, there was no concrete reason why he would make her do so.

Safety and rules

This bone-chilling story brings to light another bigger picture – safety rules for men. Our rigid mindset usually views men as perpetrators, but it’s time we accept that there is another side to the coin. Unfortunately, not much can be done, owing to the lack of laws ensuring safety for men from sexual harassment or cyber stalking.

The report highlights cyber-stalking isn't an offense, yet. Moreover, men stalking women online can be charged under section 354D, but the same doesn't apply when a man is being stalked by a woman. This calls for more laws that could ensure the safety of men.

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