Uber CEO, in a memo to employees, during the Miami outing in 2013, told employees about rules for having sex with fellow employees. According to a report by Re/code, who has a copy of the email, the rulebook was called Miami letter with a title that read, "Urgent, Urgent - Read this now or else".

The trip was to celebrate the startup's success. While asking his employees to have fun, he warned them against puking (or there will be a puke charge), throwing beer kegs around, and getting arrested. Drugs and narcotics without proper prescription will not be allowed, he reportedly wrote in the letter.

"Do not have sex with another employee UNLESS a) you have asked that person for that privilege and they have responded with an emphatic ‘YES! I will have sex with you’ AND b) the two (or more) of you do not work in the same chain of command. Yes, that means that Travis will be celibate on this trip,” in the mail by Kalanick, a copy of which is obtained by Re/code states. 

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Companies are known to send instructions and warnings before trips, but there is clearly a problem with the tone of the email. A more mature email was expected from the company CEO. According to the report, the letter is suddenly in limelight as law firms investigating the recent events at Uber are looking if these emails were responsible for creating a party-like environment and sexism in the company culture. 

Earlier this year, Susan Fowler, wrote about her experience claiming sexual harassment by managers, and how the act was merely dismissed on complaining to the HR.  Fowler left Uber in December and has joined Stripe as an engineer. Her complaints were dismissed on account of it being 'the first' complaint or the boss was 'high-performer'.

Recently, an Uber executive was fired for obtaining the medical records of a woman passenger who was raped in Delhi in 2014. There are also reports about the company charging more for living in a wealthy locality.