There is no dearth of instant messaging apps. It's very difficult for the newer ones to make their presence felt in the overcrowded messaging space. But, Sarahah app is slowly becoming an online sensation. According to IndiaTimes, Sarahah was a website until February and was built to fearlessly provide employee feedback about their bosses.

The Sarahah app's USP is the ability to send and receive anonymous messages. Yes, you heard that right. The app lets you randomly send messages to whoever you want (provided they are also using the app) and vice versa. Moreover, you won't be able to reply to the anonymous message that you receive.

The app was built and launched by a Saudi Arabian developer earlier in June and became quite popular in the Middle east. The app is now making its presence felt in other regions too.

Users will need to down and register, and once you give your friends the link to your account or post it publicly online, then anyone can send you an anonymous message. neither will you know who sent the message nor will you be able to reply to that message.

While it seems like an app for some anonymous fun with friends, but there are also chances of many misusing it. The app can be used to threaten or cyber bully others.

The app is available to download on both Android and iOS platforms.